Why I Started Simple Balance Living

So there seems to be blogs for just about everything.  From the latest fashion trends to the newest tech devices.  The world is definitely a very different place, even from 5 years ago.  We all have something to say.  Something to share with others.  I have found some very interesting information online and I always seem to be learning something new.

That being said, I wanted to share my information too.  Not because it was the coolest thing to do.  But because I wanted to make a change, even a small change, in someone’s life.  As an Occupational Therapist working full time in the school system, daily I see how children are struggling to learn the incredible amount of information that is thrown at them at a record pace.  Most can keep up but there are several who just can’t.  It’s not because they d0n’t want to.  It’s truly because they are unable to.  For many of these children, it comes down to their difficulties with handwriting.  Unfortunately, in many cases, they simply don’t teach handwriting.  Yes you heard what I just said.  In many school districts, they do not teach handwriting in school anymore.  Some teachers try to and are able to teach some handwriting curriculum to their students.  But the expectation is that a child needs to have learned basic handwriting skills prior to entering kindergarten.  Most parents probably don’t even know that.  They assume that their child will learn handwriting once they step into the kindergarten classroom.  But let me stress that this is not the fault of the teachers!  They have an enormous amount of information and testing that needs to be given to their students.  Unfortunately they simply don’t have the time to teach handwriting.  So the ones who haven’t learned, somehow muddle through and learn bad habits that are difficult to break.  Furthermore, the ones who have learning difficulties and other such challenges will be even further behind.  Imagine how a child feels, especially one so young, who can’t write their first name.  When the rest of their class is working on writing full sentences.  That child starts off already far behind.  Imagine their self-esteem.

In many cases, simple instruction in handwriting is all a child needs to be successful and improve their self-esteem.

So the other reason of why I started was because of my experiences while working in various nursing homes.  I’ve been fortunate to work with some amazing health care workers and wonderful patients.  I have some incredible experiences while working in nursing homes.  However, oftentimes, the diseases that force a person to go to a nursing home for rehab is preventable.  Not all diseases, but many of them.  Imagine a person who is living a typical life have a life-changing disease.  They go to the hospital and then are transferred to a nursing home for rehab.  They spend days, weeks, or even months receiving rehab.  Imagine the time, energy, frustration, money and other such difficulties that result from this life-changing (which is sometimes permanent) disease.

I want to educate others so that hopefully they can avoid or at least minimize their time in the hospital and nursing home and hopefully remain as independent as possible in their own homes.  Through education and skill development, I would like to teach others to improve their quality and quantity of life.

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