Tiny Home Living – Is this the way of the future? Part 2

This is my 2nd of 4 installments entitled “Tiny Home Living – Is this the way of the future?”\

Tiny Home - Cute

Mystical Tiny Home

There were a number of different speakers, all on a variety of very pertinent topics.  It was honestly very hard to choose which ones to attend as they all sounded good.  We decided on a few and I have included the names and titles of the presentations that we attended.  All of them were amazing and very professional.  I have only provided a brief overview on their presentations.  If you ever attend a tiny home festival, or hear that any of the speakers below is speaking….go see them.

Michelle Boyle – “Finding a Place to Park Your Tiny Home”

Ok so by the time this first speaker had finished her speech I wanted to buy a tiny home that day and find a place to park it.  She was so well spoken and made it sound so easy to live a tiny home life.  Michelle was definitely a well-known speaker in the community and had so many great ideas.  She was so down to earth and spoke with such ease.  She provided quite interesting insights into 1) living in a tiny home, 2) finding a place to park your tiny home, and 3) owning a piece of land and having others park their tiny homes on it and paying you a monthly lot rent.  Since my husband and I are in a transition point in our lives (trying to decide where to live since we live in different states – long story, combining two households since we just recently got married, and embarking on the adventure of owning and renting out homes) what she said left an impression on me.  She stated that there are 5 ways to find a place to park your home:  1) Networking with others, 2) Canvassing (putting up flyers), 3) Craigslist, 4) Websites, and 5) Try it tiny website.

So Michelle currently is living in a tiny home for only $75/month which includes EVERYTHING!!!  WOW was all I could say!  I was truly impressed with her ideas and how she viewed tiny homes.  She was also currently in the process of buying some tiny homes (to make a small tiny home community).  Michelle was a home owner, advocate, and person with knowledge on the subject.  I was completely in awe of what she said.

See Michelle’s tiny home here

Elizabeth Singleton – “Reclaiming the American Dream…Tiny House.”

Our next speaker was someone who had spent years trying to pave the way for the tiny home movement.  She assisted people find homes who came from low-income families and veterans (we arrived late so we missed the intro part so I don’t honestly know her role other than she was an advocate).  Elizabeth was down to earth and really a trendsetter on tiny homes.  Basically, it really boils down to this… whether you decide to buy or rent a tiny home in the future, she is one of the reasons why it will be easier for you to do so.  Elizabeth is based in Arizona and stated that her organization was involved in spending over $200k (yes that’s right…$200,000!!!!) on going back and forth with the zoning and building codes department.  Part of the reason for this is that there are a number of costs associated with owning or parking a tiny home.  Here are just some of the costs that you could incur – moving it, permits, septic system, electric set-up, water set-up, architect (building plans).  There are others.  Her main take away was this:  Know your codes. Know your location.  And look to the community for help on where you want to park your tiny home.  In January 2018, Elizabeth will be doing a TED Talk.  If you get a chance to watch it, please do.  Truly remarkable woman.

Contact Elizabeth here


Please join me shortly for my 3rd installment discussing the next two speakers on Tiny Homes.

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