Tiny Home Living – Is this the way of the future? Part 3

This is my 3rd of 4 installments entitled “Tiny Home Living – Is this the way of the future?”

So I hope you’re all still interested in finding out more about the speakers. The next two were quite different than the first ones.

Tiny Home - Lights

Inside a tiny home

Tiny House Expedition

Our next session was in fact a film on the tiny home movement. You can watch the movie on YouTube under the Tiny Home Movement. The film depicted various cities in the US that had begun to shift towards allowing tiny homes in their communities. It went into detail on how several average people and local businesses were pushing to make it legal to own and live in a tiny home in their community. As I watched the movie, I became aware of how tedious the process is. It’s not a simple change in the law. And really it’s more of a mindset and realization that there is a growing need and desire to have tiny home communities. The people in the movie provided several reasons why one would need and want to live in a tiny home – low rent, low cost of living, space, not tied to a mortgage for ever – are just a few.
This is the link to the filmmakers:  http://www.tinyhouseexpedition.com/

Tiny Home - Beach

Jo-Ann Peck – Codes and Tiny Houses for Florida

Our final session discussed zoning and building codes. Tedious and not-too-exciting info, but definitely worth the time to sit, listen, and take copious notes. I had no idea that there was so much to be said about this. The speaker discussed the differences between “tiny homes on wheels” (THOW) and “tiny homes with foundations’. I didn’t realize that there was actually a difference between the two. Jo-ann discussed more about the requirements and codes that needed to be followed with tiny homes with foundations. A good reference she recommended was: https://www.municode.com/
This is the link to her website: https://historicshed.com/

Tiny Home - Research

University of North Georgia – Tiny Home Research

Now I wanted to share one special mention that I saw at the festival. Although this wasn’t a speaker, it was a group of students from the University of North Georgia who were studying the tiny house movement. How cool is this?!?!? They are currently in the process of gathering additional data for their research project “The Quest for the Good Life: Understanding Motivators of Tiny House Living”. I think as time goes on, we will see more research into the tiny house movement.

Please join me shortly for my 4th and final installment as I sum up the 2nd Annual Tiny Home Festival.


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