The Hoberman Sphere – A different type of fidget tool (Part 2)



In my last post I discussed using The Hoberman Sphere as a visual tool to promote mindful breathing and simple exercises to incorporate using it in your daily routine.  Well… this awesome little device has yet another function – it can be a fidget!

A fidget is “an object or toy used by children to manage their fidgeting”(1).  Fidgets have been around for years.  One of the most commonly used fidgets are writing tools, (pen or pencil).  People can often be seen manipulating these items between their fingers and in their hands while thinking, listening to their teacher in class, when bored etc.

There are many different reasons why one would fidget and many different items that one could use to fidget with.  One of the more popular ones is the fidget spinner.  Fidget spinners have become a recent fad and began with a very simple design in mind.  However with a recent growth in popularity, fidget spinners have evolved into very colorful and intricate designs.  Children and adults alike have been collecting and using these trendy objects.  One of my friends even shared a video with me of her daughter and son spinning these fidget spinners on various parts of their body – all at the same time!

So, fidgeting and use of fidgets is not a new phenomenon.

The Hoberman Sphere can be used as a fidget.  A smaller one might be a more appropriate choice when used as a fidget – a larger one can be distracting to others around them.

One example of how to use it with a child (or adult) is for them to sit in their chair and covertly use it in their lap (using both their hands to expand and collapse it).  But before one is provided to a child, specific guidelines of how to use it appropriately should be given.  These guidelines can be very simple. Writing them down and referring to them when needed helps ensure that this device can be used as a beneficial tool for focusing and not be used as a distractible object for that child and for others around them.

The Hoberman Sphere – mindful breathing and fidgeting tool.


  1. Fidget.  Retrieved February 18, 2018.
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