In 2008 I attained the Level 1 certification in the Handwriting Without Tears® curriculum.  Since then I have used my skills to help students improve their handwriting skills.  Recently I founded Simple Balance Living, LLC so I could help children, outside the school system, enhance their handwriting abilities.

Beginning in Summer 2017, I will be providing two types of handwriting assistance.  The first one will be a Handwriting Checkup.  This 45 minute session will entail 15-20 minutes of assessing a child’s handwriting and then a 15-20 minute parent discussion.

Should a parent wish to pursue handwriting tutoring, I will be providing weekly 30 minute Handwriting Strategy Workshops throughout most of the summer.  These workshops will be conducted on an individual or small group basis. To accommodate parents, I will be providing these workshops in the St. Petersburg/Clearwater, Tampa, Lakeland, and West Orlando areas.


Handwriting Checkup – $40
Individual Handwriting Strategy Workshops – $30
Group Handwriting Strategy Workshops – $25 per student (up to 3 students)
Handwriting materials – varies depending on needs of child

Things to Consider

  • I require that parents attend the workshops with their child in order to learn the handwriting strategies to better help their child.
  • I recommend that parents work with their child 10-15 minutes daily on handwriting
  • I recommend that parents utilize the Handwriting Without Tears® curriculum materials as indicated

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